• In The Veronica Mars Movie, a spinoff of the television series Veronica Mars created by Rob Thomas, Veronica (Kristen Bell) returns to her hometown to solve a … [Continue Reading]

    <em>The Veronica Mars Movie</em> (2014)
  • "There are many types of uprooting. The brutal expulsions like those now devastating hundreds of thousands in countries like Iraq and Syria are common in the … [Continue Reading]

    The Wisdom of the Exile
  • On August 27, 2014, Grimes (Claire Boucher) released a music video for her single "Go" (feat. Blood Diamonds, aka Mike Tucker), providing the viewer with a … [Continue Reading]

    Grimes’ “Go” Video
  • Poet Edward Hirsch has written an elegaic poem in honor of his late son Gabriel, to be published in September of 2014. According to The New Yorker's article, … [Continue Reading]

    A Masterpiece of Sorrow: Edward Hirsch’s Elegy for His Son
  • Stanford University's Cantor Arts Center is running an exhibit focused on the tradition of portraying Hell and the Devil in art, titled "Sympathy for the Devil: … [Continue Reading]

    Sympathy for the Devil: Satan, Sin, and the Underworld

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