• "Although in the works of Dante Alighieri (d. 1321) illustrious poets are often mentioned, a special place of honour is reserved for the troubadours, the … [Continue Reading]

    ‘Dante and the Troubadours’, 1993
  • "The mountain of Purgatory haunts the cover of Peter Mountford’s arresting second novel, “The Dismal Science.” The image, which calls to mind the second volume … [Continue Reading]

    ‘The Dismal Science’,  Peter Mountford (2014)
  • "This new edition of Dante's great work brings together for the first time the three volumes of the Hollander translation with the art of internationally … [Continue Reading]

    Translation of “The Divine Comedy” with Illustrations (2007)
  • "In 1901, Vittorio Alinari, head of Fratelli Alinari, the world’s oldest photographic firm, decided to publish a new illustrated edition of Dante’s 'Divine … [Continue Reading]

    Alberto Martini’s Haunting Illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy (1901-1944)
  • "The Divine Comedy is an exploration of the relationship between literature, 3D, stereoscopy and hand-drawn illustration. Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s and … [Continue Reading]

    “Divine Triptych” Digital Art

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