• McSweeney's Internet Tendency is the daily humor website of McSweeney's Publishing, a publishing house founded by David Eggers in San Francisco. Dan Moreau of … [Continue Reading]

    McSweeney’s: “The Nine Circles of Adjunct Hell.” (2011)
  • Fede Alvarez, Uruguayan director of Evil Dead, will be directing a live-action movie adaptation of Electronic Arts' 2010 video game, Dante's Inferno, for … [Continue Reading]

    Fede Alvarez, <em>Dante’s Inferno</em> Movie
  • "A death and violence, deceit and fraud, cab-driving, police-chasing translation of Dante's Inferno. "Set in the hellish world of cab-driving in Los Angeles … [Continue Reading]

    Wallace Zane, <em>Taxi Inferno</em> (2014)
  • Dante: The Motion Picture will be a cinematic effort by production company Yellow House to accurately represent The Divine Comedy's story and settings. "One … [Continue Reading]

    Yellow House, <em>Dante: The Motion Picture</em>
  • Tyrese Gibson's 2009 comic follows a vigilante protagonist known as Mayhem, whose real name is Dante. "Los Angeles, the City of Fallen Angels, is a city … [Continue Reading]

    Tyrese Gibson’s <em>Mayhem</em> (2009)

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