Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research, deadline March 15

The Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research provide financial assistance to highly
qualified persons starting careers in marine zoology. Support is limited to projects
dealing with systematics, evolution, ecology and field-oriented behavioral studies of
marine animals. Awards are not made to support research in botany and biochemistry.
proposals only accepted by
The Frank M. Chapman Memorial
The grants made from this program are generally between $500 and $2,000. They are
meant to act as seed money for new researchers. Research may be conducted at the
AMNH or in the field. The grant is able to be spent from July 1 of the application year
until June 30th following the application year.
March 15, 11:59pm Eastern Time
There are two parts to the application process that must be completed by 11:59pm
Eastern Time on the deadline listed above. Both must be completed online following this
Part 1: Application
Create an account and fill out the basic information requested;
Download instructions and forms;
Submit electronic application at Step 8
you begin to upload documents;
Once all documents are uploaded you will receive a confirmation from us.
Part 2: Document Upload
Below are the required documents which you must upload to our server by 11:59pm
Eastern Time on the deadline listed above.
All documents must be in PDF format.
other format will be accepted.
There are many free PDF file converters on the web
Project Description
Project Title;
Project location;
Narrative description of MAX 2 pages;
Literature cited, 1 additional page;
Note that you should follow the formatting requirements in the
NSF Proposal
If you have been awarded from this fund before, include:
Project title, award amount, year of award, list of publications;

Lerner Gray App. 2012