The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of Gladys Kreibel Delmas Foundation, which funded digitization of the Crocker Land Journals and lantern slides. Document scanning was done under the direction of Sophie Mendoza, archives assistant in the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections and Archives, Bowdoin College. Imaging of the lantern slides was done by Creekside Digital.

Much of the work behind this project was carried out by students. Production of the web page, including the time line, was by Xin Jiang ’20, funded by a Gibbons Summer Fellowship, with technical assistance from David Israel, Senior producer for academic new media. The Crocker Land sledge journeys component was created by Meg Bunke ’14, also funded by a Gibbons Summer Fellowship, and Lily Woodward ’17.   Kiersten King ’14, and Heidi Cao ’16 also contributed, with support from Jennifer Snow (Academic Technology) and Eileen Johnson (Environmental Studies).

Initial processing of W.E. Ekblaw’s Crocker Land materials, donated to the museum by his family in 2011, including journals, correspondence, photographs, and objects, was done by Alex Brown, ’13, also supported by a Gibbons Summer Fellowship, and Meg Bunke ’14, under the supervision of Arctic Museum staff.