• "The Smithsonian’s new memorial of African American history and culture is at once triumphant and crushing." [...] "The descent and ascent achieve an effect … [Continue Reading]

    How a Museum Reckons With Black Pain (2016)
  • Retired from Hell, Paolo Says It Was Heaven Inferno V Aroused beside her, I went mute because my every word was pinned to shredded semaphores of … [Continue Reading]

    Andrew Frisardi, poem (2015)
  • "Come avrebbe reagito Dante Alighieri davanti all’Oulipo? Scopriamolo su Betwyll con #Stilnovo a settembre, preparandoci alla mostra 'Il volto di Dante, per una … [Continue Reading]

    Stilnovo e Oulipo
  • "Publius Vergilius 'Virgil' Maro (Aeneid, Eclogues) started giving guided tours of Hell at the beginning of the 13th century B.C.E. Some of his contemporaries … [Continue Reading]

    Shane Castle, “Business Profile: The Inferno” (2010)
  • One of several Dante-related panels from Italian cartoonist Leo Ortolani's comic strip following the adventures of Rat-Man. Contributor Chiara Montera calls … [Continue Reading]

    Leo Ortolani, “Rat-Man” Comic Strip

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