• One of the performances at the 58th annual Zecchino d'Oro (an international children's music festival), held in Bologna in 2015, was "Una commedia divina," with … [Continue Reading]

    <em>Una commedia divina</em>, Arianna Caldarella (lyrics) and Corrado Neri (music), 2015
  • The novel opens with "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." (Contributed by Antonio Barrenechea) … [Continue Reading]

    Bret Easton Ellis, <em>American Psycho</em> (1991)
  •             Paulo De Tarso Souza … [Continue Reading]

    Paulo De Tarso Souza, “Charon’s Boat” and “The 9th Circle” (2018)
  • Campo di Marte, Florence (Italy), March 2018
  • see the tweets at #dante2018 see also this article about the phenomenon, especially in Latin America and with Spanish speakers … [Continue Reading]

    Tweeting with Dante (2018)

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