• Abandon All Hope is a metal band out of Adelaide, Australia that was formed in 2005. The band had 5 members - Micah Leinonen as vocals, Jarrod Kennett on bass … [Continue Reading]

    Australian Metal Band, <em>Abandon All Hope</em>
  • "Abandon All Hope" is the first song on hip-hop musician Aesop Rock's premier album, Music for Earthworms (1997). Aesop Rock's albums can be streamed on … [Continue Reading]

    Aesop Rock, “Abandon All Hope” (1997)
  • "This is such a daring and visionary album, a contemporary masterpiece of composition. Multilayered, rich and colourful. Dark and radiant at the same time, … [Continue Reading]

    Gretchen Menn’s Album <em>Abandon All Hope</em> (2016)
  • "In theory, everyone likes a nice vacation. In practice, everyone who's ever had one knows that for every moment of peace and relaxation, you'll have to fight … [Continue Reading]

    The 9 Circles of Vacation Hell
  • In October 2017, the American Contemporary Ballet of Los Angeles, under the artistic direction of Lincoln Jones, performed Inferno, based on composer Charles … [Continue Reading]

    <em>Inferno</em> by the American Contemporary Ballet (Los Angeles)

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