• Trattoria Fanny, Portland, Maine … [Continue Reading]

    <em>Inferno</em> V at Trattoria Fanny, Portland (Maine)
  • Urban legend has it that this road has been witness to numerous ill-fated events, ranging from accidents to the occult and the criminal.  See the wikipedia … [Continue Reading]

    Clinton Road, New Jersey
  • Contributed by Susan Chen (Yale, 2020) … [Continue Reading]

    Eataly, NYC
  • "Dante's Inferno: The Graphic Novel by Joseph Lanzara uses Doré's engravings as a base to illustrate Dante's journey. Quite interesting, despite, or perhaps … [Continue Reading]

    <em>Dante’s </em>Inferno<em>: The Graphic Novel</em> by Joseph Lanzara (2012)
  • Marco Santagata's 2015 novel Come donna innamorata -- based on Dante's biography, on which Santagata has also published -- was a finalist for the Premio Strega. … [Continue Reading]

    Marco Santagata, <em>Come donna innamorata</em> (2015)

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