• "In a rare and revealing interview with the Ulster Fry, the Devil has admitted that he has created a Tenth Circle of Hell – in the form of a Bank Holiday … [Continue Reading]

    The Tenth Circle: IKEA
  • "Whoever thought that telling someone to 'Go to Hell!' would be a compliment? Gather your friends and family together for a devilish dash through the fiery pits … [Continue Reading]

    Go To Hell! The Game
  • "Mr. Kendall, watching the floor come up, yanked on the bell wire and the skip shuddered and rattled to a halt. The groaning died; there was a lonely sound of … [Continue Reading]

    Wallace Stegner, <em>Angle of Repose</em> (1971)
  • "The Inferno's artistic legacy is huge; Botticelli, Doré, Dali, Rauschenberg, and countless lesser known artists have created works inspired by the poem. It has … [Continue Reading]

    Luke Chueh’s <em>Inferno</em> (2009)
  • Donald Newman is an artist who works in oil, watercolor, sculpture, and photography. He created a series of illustrations depicting the 34 cantos of the … [Continue Reading]

    Donald Newman Illustrations of The <em>Inferno</em> (2004)

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