• In both the book and the movie Gone Girl the main character, Amy, says about marriage: “Marriage is compromise and hard work, and then more hard work and … [Continue Reading]

    Gillian Flynn, <em>Gone Girl</em> (2012)
  • "Unlike Shakespeare, whose corpus one searches in vain for insight into the author’s selfhood, we have abundant access to Dante’s psyche, thanks to the … [Continue Reading]

    Marco Santagata, <em>Dante: The Story of His Life</em> (2016)
  • "Though Dante cataloged many forms of diabolical torture in his Inferno, a guided tour of hell, he somehow missed out on what could well be the most … [Continue Reading]

    Ben Brantley, “‘Miles for Mary,’ a Sendup of the Interminable Meeting From Hell”
  • "Il Sommo Poeta sbarca sul web con una versione social del nuovissimo Carosello di Olio Dante. Scenari moderni e nuove tecnologie per un Dante Alighieri che, … [Continue Reading]

    TV Ad for Olio Dante (2015)
  • "Ovid describes the Minotaur as 'part man, part bull,' half cattle-shaggy, half smooth. Surely this creature deserves a brief campaign bio here: You might … [Continue Reading]

    Review of Steven Sherrill, <em>The Minotaur Takes His Own Sweet Time</em> (2016)

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