• "Dante's erupted into a small inferno Tuesday morning after overheated electrical wiring caused a blaze at the popular University District bar. Firefighters … [Continue Reading]

    “Inferno Strikes Dante’s Bar in U-District”
  • "It was 45 years ago this month that a man bought a can of Ronsonol lighter fluid at a Walgreens on Canal Street, walked to the Up Stairs Lounge, emptied its … [Continue Reading]

    The Forgotten Inferno: Tinderbox and the Up Stairs Lounge Fire”
  • Guy Denning is an artist based out of Finistere, France since 2007. Beginning in 2011, he created a three part series of oil paintings based on Dante's Divine … [Continue Reading]

    Guy Denning’s Oil Painting Series on the <em>Commedia</em>
  • "The world has a handful of supreme poets. Homer, Shakespeare and Goethe are up there. I'm sure you have your own suggestions. All of these writers – even … [Continue Reading]

    “Lines of Fire: Dante’s Vision of Hell still has an Afterlife”
  • "Along with the fascinating cover art -- which finds the middle ground between the lurid, low-budget, exploitation cinema of filmmakers like Jean Rollin or … [Continue Reading]

    Os Mutantes, <em>A Divina Comédia (ou Ando Meio Desligado)</em> (Polydor, 1970)

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