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    Dante T-Shirt
  • The Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror IV" (S05E05): after losing his soul to the devil in a bargain over a donut, Homer is subjected to punishments in Hell's … [Continue Reading]

    Homer Simpson’s Donut Hell
  • Balamand University, El-Koura, Lebanon
  • In March 2018 Reddit user The2500 posted the following Writing Prompt: "Dante's Inferno as written by Dr. Seuss." Here is a selection from the first … [Continue Reading]

    Dante’s <em>Inferno</em> as written by Dr. Seuss (Reddit Writing Prompt)
  • From the 1975 song "Compagno di scuola" by Antonello Venditti: "E la Divina Commedia, sempre più commedia al punto che ancora oggi io non so se Dante era … [Continue Reading]

    “Compagno di scuola” by Antonello Venditti (1975)

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