Bibliography of Scholarly Works


Luca Signorelli, Detail from “Dante With Scenes from the Divine Comedy,” 1499-1502, Duomo, Orvieto

The research team at Dante Today actively seek out and consult scholarly work on the resonance of Dante’s texts across genres, across media, and across cultures. As of summer 2021, we have significantly expanded our bibliography and migrated it to Zotero, where we continue to develop it. We invite you to consult our public Zotero library, where we have organized scholarly work under the following headings (many citations are cross-posted):

Please note: this bibliography is a work in progress. While many citations are cross-posted, we recommend perusing all categories that might be relevant to your research. As always, we welcome your feedback ( and

As is true of everything on Dante Today, compiling the bibliography depends on crowd-sourcing. Please send source sightings, as well as any thoughts, comments, or questions, to and