Seven Circles of Brunch Hell

“I love brunch. We love brunch. Combining breakfast and lunch into a cheesy, greasy, boozy weekend debauch is a brilliant idea, both in theory and in practice. This is an undeniable truth, and anyone who says otherwise is a largish fool. Lowercase-b brunch is heaven. But that’s not the only brunch there is.

“Capital-B Brunch, on the other hand, is dreadful. It’s ‘A Thing’: an ordeal, a project, a nouveau-riche McMansion built on the sandy foundations of deep insecurity and credit debt. It is ‘Brunchhhhhhhmyfuckinggodwhy.’ Capital-B Brunch is hell, and like hell, it has many circles. Here they are, arranged in rough chronological order based on when in your horrible, wretched life you will experience them.” — Dave Infante, Thrillist, August 12, 2015

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Trattoria La Divina Comedia, Bogota, Colombia

Trattoria-La-Divina-Comedia-Dante-Portrait“Trajo de su Italia Natal, los secretos más ricos de la cocina italiana. Esos que aprendió de su madre y de su propia nonna, y ya sabemos como son las mujeres italianas además de apasionadas, unas cocineras increíbles, de eso no hay duda. A mi me encantaba ver a la nonna cocinar, disfrutaba con esa forma tan particular de amasar, la dedicación con la que preparaba las salsas y seleccionaba cada ingrediente.
Yo la acompañaba a hacer las compras y la observaba elegir las verduras más frescas y los condimentos más sabrosos. Sabia que cada detalle era el más importante. Para la nonna sentarse en la mesa era el mejor momento del día y eso se notaba en la forma en la que preparaba cada plato. Este es su cuaderno de recetas con sus mejores secretos y sus mejores sabores. Esos que enseño a su hijo Giuseppe y el a su vez me enseño a mi, hagamos de cuenta que la nonna nos llama a comer desde la cocina y sentémonos a su mesa a disfrutar sus platos, vale la pena.” — Sergio Martin, Trattoria La Divina Comedia



Dante, Cocktail Bar (NYC)

Under new ownership since 2015, this NYC institution was named #16 of the world’s 50 best bars. Rechristened “Dante” (formerly Caffe Dante), the cocktail bar boasts registered landmark status and 100+ years of serving New York’s cultural elite.

Dante-NYC-Cocktail-Bar-2015From the Dante-NYC website: “Dante has been a beacon for the community of Greenwich Village since it opened its doors in 1915. Now a registered New York City landmark, this modest meeting house has always attracted people from all walks of life: famous actors, writers and musicians to the down at heel of the beatnik generation, all of whom have found solace in its relaxed & unpretentious environs. A place where a cup of espresso, a warm smile or a friendly embrace epitomized life’s simple pleasures.

“Now in its latest incarnation as Dante, its new owners, all lifelong industry professionals and old friends, have breathed new life into this iconic space. Its historical integrity and sense of community remain firmly in tact but now complemented by an elevated selection of modern Italian cuisine, world class cocktails and an award winning bar program. Welcome to Dante 2017, where everything old is new again.” Read the rest of the story here.

Caffe Dante had previously appeared on the Dante Today website. The original post is here.

Their “Dante”-branded ice-cube appeared on the site in 2016.

“Wood of Suicides” Cake by Elisabete Caseiro

Wood-Suicides-Cake-Dantes-Inferno-Elisabete-Caseiro“This was the result of a challenge made by the fabulous Kevin Martin a while ago – to create a cake or sugar centerpiece inspired by Dante’s work Divine Commedy.

“This is my first international collaboration and I’m really thrilled to be part of it. Dante’s work was not very familiar to me so It was a great opportunity to learn more about it.

“My creation was inspired by the Wood of Suicides (Dante’s Inferno, Canto XIII, 7th Circle, 2nd Ring – Violence against themselves). The suicides occupy the circle of violence. Since they have ‘denied the God-given sanctity of their bodies on Earth,’ their souls are condemned to grow into anguished and gnarled trees or bush, into the Wood of Suicides. The souls of the Suicides endure further pain and torment due to the harpies (creatures with big wings, the head of a woman, feathered belly and claws on their feet) that inhabit the forest. These harpies nest in the forest, rend the branches of the trees and feast on their leaves, causing immense pain and making them bleed. This is the only time they can speak and express their pain.” — BetySugarland Cake Design by Elisabete Caseiro (Lisbon, Portugal), on

Eggs in Purgatory

Giuseppe Topo, on Napoli Unplugged, November 16, 2012

Fried eggs.
Like the second part of Dante’s Divine Comedy.
Trapped between heaven and hell.

Uova in PurgatorioOva ‘mpriatorio in Neapolitan, or Eggs in Purgatory, this could only be a Neapolitan dish.

Taking its inspiration from Il culto delle anime del Purgatorio, the cult of the Souls of Purgatory, this classic “secondo” comes directly from the pages of Cucina Povera Napoletana. And it is symbolic of the Neapolitan preoccupation with purgatory and the ancient cult that worships anonymous human remains. A tradition that endures in places like the 17th century Santa Maria delle Anima del Purgatorio ad Arco Church in Centro Storico and the Fontanelle Cemetery in Rione Sanità in the scenes of purgatory depicted in the shrines Neapolitans are fond of erecting around the city. And in this culinary rendition of the tradition, where the eggs play the role of souls seeking purification, the sauce, that of the flames of purgatory.

The eggs bubble away in the sauce until the whites are completely cooked, or perhaps we should say, purified. And one can only guess that like the milk from the Virgin’s breast, the breaking of the yolks into the sauce symbolises the extinguishing of the flames. Ouva in Purgatorio, a simple and economical dish that packs a lot of flavour and recalls a tradition that lives on in the hearts and the minds of the Neapolitan people.

1 – 14 oz Can Peeled Tomatoes (or use your leftover Ragù)
4 Eggs
1 Large or 2 Small Cloves Garlic, peeled and halved
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Dante’s pizza products

Baltimore, Maryland

Contributed by Liam Malouf

Inferno V at Trattoria Fanny, Portland (Maine)

Trattoria Fanny, Portland, Maine

Eataly, NYC

Contributed by Susan Chen (Yale, 2020)

Dante’s Pizzeria, Chicago

Logan Square
3028 W. Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL  60647

Portrait of Dante, Fishing Lab alle Murate, Florence


“Uno spensierato museo.

“FISHING LAB Alle Murate rappresenta il risultato di una ricerca di mesi grazie alla quale abbiamo raggiunto una location unica: il palazzo che dal 1200 a metà del 1500 ha ospitato ‘L’Arte dei Giudici e dei Notai’.

vero_volto_dante“La particolarità è data dal fatto che al giorno d’oggi questo luogo rappresenta un museo, recentemente salito alle cronache per l’uscita di un trattato riguardante il prezioso ciclo di affreschi con il più antico ritratto documentato di Dante Alighieri, sopratutto L’autentico, dato che il poeta non è raffigurato con naso aquilino e fronte accigliata, come risulta dall’iconografia tradizionale.” — Fishing Lab website

Contributed by Jordyn Modelevsky (University of Pittsburgh ’18)