“The Fall of the Damned” Lampshade by Luc Merx

the-fall-of-the-damned-lampshade-by-luc-merx-of-gadget-international“Dutch architect Luc Merx’s lampshade is an algorithmic mass of writhing nudes that recalls the classical motif of the fall of the damned. He imagines the lamp hanging above a dining table, the shock of the frozen, terrified bodies disturbing diners with age-old questions of guilt and morality, issues usually kept behind closed doors.” [. . .]    –Costas Voyatzis, kostasvoyatzis, April 19, 2007

Sandow Birk’s Illustrations of the “Divine Comedy”


“A five year project which involved adapting the text of the entire “Divine Comedy” into contemporary slang and setting the action in contemporary urban America. The project resulted in three, limited edition books, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Each book contained more than 60 original lithographs and was published by Trillium Press in San Francisco.”    —Sandow Birk

See also: Sandow Birk’s film “Dante’s Inferno” (2007)

Dante and Swan


Contributed by Richard Abrams

“Dante’s Inferno” a Comic Strip With an Evil Character Named Dante


Found at Aelis.ChaosNet (retrieved on September 15, 2006)

“Dante’s Inferno” by Alan Sherwood (2002)


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