Radio Inferno

radio-inferno-1993 “In 1993, German artist Andreas Ammer teamed up with members of Einsturzende Neubauten and legendary DJ John Peel to produce a radio play of Dante’s Divine Comedy. The result was Radio Inferno, with music by Einsturzende’s F.M. Einheit, and starring Blixa Bargeld as Dante, Phil Minton as Virgil, and John Peel as “The Radio” (the narrator). Caspar Brotzmann played guitar, and the work includes guest appearance from Bootsy Collins and many others.”    —WFMU, February 18, 2007

Contributed by Jenny Davidson

Dante’s (Portland, Oregon)


“Live Music, Cabaret, Burlesque & Rock-n-Roll”    —Dante’s Live

Contributed by Lisa Peterson (Bowdoin, ’07)

Rodney Atkins, “If You’re Going Through Hell” (2006)


See Rodney Atkins’ Website.

Contributed by Alex Brasili (Bowdoin, ’10)

Hell, the Musical


“The Vatican has challenged purist Roman Catholics by disclosing plans for a daring rock, punk and jazz opera version of Dante’s Divine Comedy with a soundtrack written by an avant-garde priest.
Monsignor Marco Frisina uses rock music as background for the Inferno, Gregorian chants for Purgatory and lyrical and symphonic classical and modern music for the advent of Paradise in the musical set to be staged in the autumn.
After a premier in a leading Rome theatre sponsored jointly by the Vatican and Italy’s two houses of parliament, the extravaganza will tour other major Italian and European cities ‘to bring back the attention of the widest public to Dante’s immortal poem,’ Riccardo Rossi, director general of Nova Ars, the company producing the opera, told La Repubblica newspaper.”    –John Phillips, The Independent, January 3, 2007

See also : La Divina Commedia home page.

Contributed by Gloria Smith; Patrick Molloy

Canto 6

canto-6-album-cover“Canto 6 began as Life of Hate, a hard-edged rock outfut along the lines of Metallica and Godsmack. After tiring of that style, the band began working with a producer, reorganized its sound and became Canto 6, taking the name from one of the layers of Hell in Dante’s Inferno.”    –Aaron Yoxheimer, The Morning Call, October 6, 2005 (retrieved on January 1, 2007)

See to read more about the band.

Sepultura, “Dante XXI” (2006)

sepultura-dante-xxi-2006“‘Ostia,’ ‘Crown And Miter,’ and (to some extents) ‘Nuclear Seven’ and ‘Convicted In Life’ are what make Dante XXI stand out. The fervor of thrash metal with the bitterness and crunch of metallic hardcore can be heard, and that’s the difference between intensity and the meandering shallowness of Sepultura’s angsty groove formula. These four songs show Sepultura in some kind of revival with a coarser guitar tone richly executing vicious riffs. Bass follows the guitars with fatness and desiccated heaviness under a polished production job. The groove aspect with slappy bass lines and that massive layering had started to become phased out.” [. . .]    –OzzyApu, Metal Archives, August 20, 2012

Iced Earth, “Burnt Offerings” (1995)

iced-earth-burnt-offerings-1995“This is Iced Earth’s heaviest album, but it still retains powerful symphonic sounds and heart-twisting acoustic passages. It also has all sorts of song structures, time changes, and cool stuff packed everywhere. Iced Earth had some long songs on the previous albums, but on this one they show their ability to create a full-fledged epic. ‘Dante’s Inferno’ takes us through the Nine Planes of Hell for sixteen minutes, each plane something new and demonic. This album was written during angry times — and it shows.”    —Iced Earth

GM Grimm aka Superstar Jet Jaguar, “Digital Tears: Email from Purgatory” (2004)

gm-grimm-digital-tears-email-from-purgatory“A study in blatant subtlety? Maybe, just maybe? GM Grimm gives us “Digital Tears,” the first album since his release from prison last year. Featuring production from J-Zone, X-Ray, Zero Point and Mas this album will probably be one of the most diverse and heavy sets released this year. With Grimm’s ill rhyme flow and incisive lyrics you better buckle up and hold tight as Jet Jaguar the robot is gonna take you on a dark musical journey into the mind of Percy Carey.”    –Eric Goldwyn

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Essay by Eric Goldwyn

Contributed by Eric Goldwyn (Bowdoin, ’04)

Eternal Cool Project, “Inferno: The Rap” (2005)

eternal-cool-project-inferno-the-rap-2005“This is a unique, never before done approach to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. Lyrics written in the 14th Century, as translated in the mid 1800s by H Cary, are rapped by MicPwr, over a music track composed by Mr Moe. It is a powerful depiction of a medieval Hell, performed by uban artists.”    —CD Baby

Robert W. Smith, “The Divine Comedy”

robert-w-smith-the-divine-comedy“From the pen of Robert W. Smith has come some of the most impressive writing for contemporary bands and wind ensembles. THE DIVINE COMEDY, a monumental four-movement work, is presented along with other memorable compositions on this compact disc, which features conductor Anthony Maiello and the George Mason University Wind Ensemble. Titles include The Divine Comedy (The Inferno/Purgatorio/Paradiso/The Ascension) * The Tempest * Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual * Twelve Seconds to the Moon and others.”    —Alfred Music