“Dante’s Conundrum” (2009)

dantes-conundrum “Dante, torn between heaven and hell and between good and evil, must collect the heavenly Soul Jewels to determine his place in the hereafter, along the way Demons will try and thwart Dante by destroying the landscape of purgatory making it impossible to collect the Soul Jewels, but there is good on his side in the form of Cherubs that will lend a hand placing power-ups and special items to help him in his task.
Will the forces of good win out and lay open the gates to heaven? or will the Denizens of Hell, the vile Demons strike back and force Dante to a Millennia of Torment?, Dante’s fate is in your hands, do not fail him.
Fully Optimized for the iphone 3G and ipod touch, Dante’s Conundrum is a fast paced fun filled arcade style puzzle game that will provide hours of not stop action and fun pushing reflexes and mental prowess to the limit, enjoy dazzling graphics and multiple levels of play with the upgraded version or play the first level for free.”    —http://mobile.e-axis.com/dante/ (retrieved July 22, 2009)

Contributed by Patrick Molloy