9 Layers of Chocolate Heaven

9-layers-of-chocolate-heaven“This is a recipe for a 9 layer cake – a play on the 9 circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno. While that cake is representative of hell it tastes positively divine.”    –Dan Lipkowitz

“As a teenager, I fell in love with Dante’s Inferno, it paired nicely with the nine levels of hell in my dark, twisty, 16 year old, angst filled little mind. Make that a dramatically romantic, angst filled little mind. I’m an over achiever.

“I’ve read it countless times since, each time finding comfort in the rhythm of the words, moments of beauty contrasted in an intricately woven dark world. Of course it’s a love story, and what’s not to love about love…food is love after all.” [. . .]    –Jessica, Positively Ravenous, March 14, 2011

Contributed by Dan Lipkowitz (Bowdoin ’14)