Nine Circles of Internet Hell


“1. Limbo = Facebook/Twitter/Gmail

“This is where internet hell frequently starts. In Dante’s hell, this is the circle for people who did not accept Christ, but did not sin either. They are the ‘guiltless’ damned, doomed to live in a subpar version of heaven in the first circle. This is where most people fall.

“In the circles of internet hell, the innocents are often just in the triumvirate of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. If you frequent just these three sites, you are a normal person who has not sinned. You are a guiltless damned in the internet world. You need not go beyond into the further circles of hell.” [. . .]    –Gaby Dunn, Thought Catalog, October 23, 2012

Contributed by Steve Bartus (Bowdoin, ’08)