“9 Circles” by Bill Cain S.J.

9-circles-bill-cain“Jesuit playwright Bill Cain S.J., has penned a new and searingly powerful play. Just a year after his earlier successful play about the gun powder plot, Equivocation (see my review), Cain portrays in his new play, 9 Circles, a character, Daniel Reeves, as a disturbed 19-year old snarled in the web of war…
“The title, 9 Circles, refers, of course, to Dante’s Inferno, the 9 circles of hell. In the play, Reeves, successively, shifts from a rigid, brainwashed Army killer to a finger twitching 19-year-old grunt to, in a final soliloquy, some profound self-knowledge and forgiveness.” [. . .]    –John Coleman, S.J. America, November 9, 2010

See a boston.com review.

Contributed by Patrick Molloy