Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Caesar Must Die (2013)


“The Tavianis are now in their 80s, but at an age when most of their contemporaries have retired they continue making films, and in seamless unity. Their latest effort, Caesar Must Die, which opens on Wednesday, is one of their most artistically ambitious productions: a fictional feature with elements of a documentary and the theater, about the staging of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” in a maximum-security prison in Rome.” […]

Caesar Must Die was born when a journalist friend of the Tavianis urged them to visit a performance by the Rebibbia troupe. They were reluctant at first. ‘We thought, oh, it’s going to be the same old thing,’ Paolo said. But once they saw the prisoners performing Dante and Pirandello, they changed their minds.”    –Larry Rohter, The New York Times, February 1, 2013