Rectify, Season 1, Episode 4 (2013)

Rectify-Beatrice-DanteIn Season 1, Episode 4, of Sundance television show Rectify, titled “Plato’s Cave,” the protagonist Daniel Holden discusses life, death, and salvation with his sister-in-law, Tawney.

Tawney: “I care about you… and I would just hate it if you went to hell. I mean, if there is — I don’t know.”

Daniel: “You’re my Beatrice.”

Tawney: “What?”

Daniel: “From the Divine Comedy.”

Tawney: “I — I don’t know who that is.”

Daniel: “She was Dante’s guide, his salvation.”

Tawney: “Well I — I don’t know about that.”

Daniel: “It was fiction.”

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Contributed by Matteo Soranzo.