Fantasia (1940)

“The last segment of the 1940 movie Fantasia features the devil Chernabog who awakes on Bald Mountain and is seen torturing restless souls and throwing them into a fiery volcano.  What I particularly love about that piece is that Chernabog is banished by the chorus of monks chanting Ave Maria as the journey into the nearby cathedral.”    -Samuel Gray

(Contributed by Samuel Gray, University of Mary Washington, ’18)

Dante Olive Oil


Found at Nemo Collecting (1940s)

Contributed by Laura Chiesa


Dante Olive Oil featured in the Los Angeles Times on September 3, 2014:

Dante Olive Oil

“An employee checks a bottle of Dante olive oil as it travels along the production line at a factory in Montesarchio, Italy. New standards proposed in California would apply only to the largest California olive growers and millers. (Alessia Pierdomenico / Bloomberg)”    —LA Times