Tage Danielsson, “Mannen Som Slutade Roka” (“The Man Who Quit Smoking”) (1972)

tage-danielsson-mannen-som-slutade-roka-the-man-who-quit-smoking-1972“Young Dante Alighieri inherits 17 million of his father the sausage maker on one condition – he has to give up smoking in 14 days. But the days go on and he simply can’t quit. He hires a detective agency to physically stop him. He has an uncle, who inherits the money if Dante fails, and the uncle tries to keep him smoking.”    –Mattias Thuresson, IMDb

Viewing the process as a kind of personal hell, this Dante has much in common with his Florentine namesake – including a love interest named Beatrice.

Metamorfosi, “Inferno” (1972) and “Paradiso (2004)

This Italian progressive rock band released “Inferno” in 1972 and, 32 years later, “Paradiso.” The album tracks correspond with Dante’s journey through the afterlife, although in some cases the musicians did alter some of the sins punished in hell.