Denton Designs’ Dante’s Inferno (1986)

“With only one life, this is quite an unforgiving game. Nevertheless, it’s overall pretty nice to play, albeit short. The best feature is the creepy atmosphere, which captures fairly well the one of the book, of a place actually more desolate and sorrowful than plain scary.”    — User Demon, Lemon64, June 1, 2015

Denton Designs’ 1986 video game, Dante’s Inferno, for the Commodore 64.

Watch Retro Arcade Classics complete the game here.

Federico Fellini, “Ginger e Fred” (1986)


“In the opening scenes, a group of TV variety show guests and performers are riding in a van from Termini Station to the TV studio for the taping of the show. Playing on the video monitor in the the van is what appears to be a children’s show, featuring a Dante marionette who is lost in a dark forest. The sequence ends as Dante finds a compass and happily walks home.”    –Roy Scarbrough

Contributed by Roy Scarbrough