Frasier Season 8


In the fourth episode of the eighth season of Frasier (November 14, 2000), Frasier offers to tutor his boss on the finer things in life saying that he will be the Virgil to his boss’ Dante.

Contributed by Charlie Russell-Schlesinger (Bowdoin, ’08)

Kozik’s Inferno (2000)


“Kozik’s Inferno” is a twelve-episode animated version by Frank Kozik, a rock n’ roll poster artist in San Francisco. It was featured as an internet cartoon in 2000. (Produced by W!ldbrain, Inc.)

Watch video episode here.

Contributed by George Evelyn

Rolando Perez, “The Electric Comedy” (2000)

rolando-perez-the-electric-comedy-2000“Confronting not the papacy but the postmodern world of the Internet and global economics, this collection of satirical poems inspired by Dante’s Inferno explores the comic and tragic realities of contemporary life. At times graphic and abrasive, the language and style in this stirring collection mirrors the violence and social fragmentation that it describes. The imagined thoughts and interests of Dante as he composed the Inferno infuse this edgy, inventive collection that invites readers to participate in the creation of new mythologies that draw from the wisdom of the past.”    —Google Books

Dante Joseph, “Dante’s Inferno” (2000)


See Dante Joseph’s website to hear excerpts from the album.