The New Yorker’s “Nine Circles of Heaven”

Contributed by Leslie Zarker Morgan

The Far Side: Hell and Coffee

Contributed by Leslie Zarker Morgan

Metro Station, University of Naples


“On March 26, the 40,000 commuters of Naples, Italy, who pass daily through the University of Naples metro station found that virtually every surface had been transformed into a candy-colored kaleidoscope by the American designer Karim Rashid. . . . He printed wire-frame patterns on quartz flooring, applied portraits of Dante and Beatrice to the stairs and tiled the walls with words coined in the digital age.” [. . .]    –Shonquis Moreno, The New York Times, April 20, 2011

Contributed by Hope Stockton (Bowdoin, ’07)

“This All Seems Way Over My Head…”


Contributed by Victoria Rea-Wilson (Bowdoin, ’14)

How the Internet Works


Contributed by Victoria Rea-Wilson (Bowdoin, ’14)

“Noboribetsu, the Japanese mouth of Hell.”


Contributed by Victoria Rea-Wilson (Bowdoin, ’14)



Contributed by Victoria Rea-Wilson (Bowdoin, ’14)

Taxi Driver

taxi-driver“‘Taxi Driver’ was a groundbreaking hybrid of the grind house (with its urban vigilante plot borrowed from Michael Winner’s 1974 ‘Death Wish’) and the art house (with quotations from Godard, Bresson and perhaps, in some of Travis’s more abstract nocturnal wanderings, the unfocused subjectivity of Stan Brakhage’s avant-garde films). The movie draws on contemporary fears of urban decay and social collapse, but is as timeless as Dante, with its descent into an East Village hell followed, in the extraordinary coda, by a glimpse of a West Village paradise where Travis is miraculously reunited with his corn-fed Beatrice (Cybill Shepherd), a sequence of teasingly ambiguous reality. ” [. . .]    –Dave Kehr, The New York Times, April 8, 2011

Laboratorio Terzo Girone, Gelato in Bologna

 (retrieved on March 25, 2011)

Mary Shelley’s Schoolbus


Contributed by Victoria Rea-Wilson (Bowdoin, ’14)