Dante’s Somewhere Between Sacramento and Tahoe

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Photo taken by Ruth Caldwell (2009)


“Tuscany” Perfume by Aramis

tuscany-perfume-per-donna-by-aramis      tuscany-per-uomo-perfume-by-aramis

Difficult to see, but the “Tuscany per donna” has as its slogan in French “Out of that stream there issued living sparks” (Par. XXX.64) and in English, “It draws fire to the moon” (Par. I.115). The “Tuscany per uomo” has as its slogan, “It moves the sun and the other stars” (last verse of all three canticles).

Contributed by Guy Raffa (University of Texas, Austin)

Inferno Enterprises Architects


Contributed by Ruth Caldwell

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Contributed by Dennis Looney