Church of Saints Peter and Paul, North Beach

Church of Sts Peter and Paul

In North Beach, San Francisco, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul has the first line of Paradiso running across its facade:

“La gloria di colui che tutto muove per l’universo penetra e risplende.”

Reading of the Inferno at St. John of the Divine, NYC


“For the 20th consecutive year, the great Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine hosts this free late-night reading of Dante’s epic poem of Hell and damnation. Those scheduled to read include the cathedral’s poet-in-residence, Marilyn Nelson. It’s worth the trip to hear grand verse ring out in the church at night.”    —Time Out New York, Thursday, March 28, 2013

Contributed by Emma Pyle (Bowdoin, ’12)

Reading of Dante’s Inferno, Saint John of the Divine, NY

reading-of-dantes-inferno-st-john-of-the-divine-ny“The annual reading of key selections from the Inferno by Dante Alighieri will take place on the evening of Maundy Thursday.
Join Us
Maundy Thursday
April 5, 9:00pm”    —St. John the Divine