Parc Dante, QC, Canada

Parc Dante, or Dante Park in English, is a natural park in Montreal, QC, Canada. The park has an open air cinema that shows a selection of Italian films, with free admission for attendees.

You can learn more about Parc Dante’s film screenings here.

Luca Lussoso, Dante (2014)

Dante (2014).  Directed by Luca Lussoso and produced by Anna Elettra Pizzi De Gaetano of Elektra Films.

“Attraverso un film che fa riflettere sulle nostre azioni quotidiane, il regista raccoglie una sfida: riproporre la Divina Commedia, una pietra miliare della letteratura mondiale, in chiave moderna utilizzando le più moderne tecnologie digitali ed innovando i metodi per la divulgazione culturale.

“Luca Lussoso dipinge un aldilà elaborato e ricco di dettagli ai quali dare minuziosamente la caccia tra i versi della Divina Commedia.”    —Official website

Yellow House, Dante: The Motion Picture

Dante Motion Picture

Dante: The Motion Picture will be a cinematic effort by production company Yellow House to accurately represent The Divine Comedy‘s story and settings.

“One small production company taking on the challenge of creating a piece of cinema magic, based on the epic poem, The Divine Comedy.

“You’ve seen the cartoons and video game adaption tie-ins, but none of the films based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy quite cut it for an accurate portrayal of the events, locations and characters that readers have grown to love over the centuries. Fans of the material have been begging for Hollywood’s take on the classic Italian poem since the dawn of cinema, however, time and time again they have been left empty handed. [. . .]

“This is a live-action, all out ‘in your face’, portrayal of Dante’s journey. A journey fueled by his love for Beatrice while being led through the depths of hell by the seemingly all-knowing Virgil.”    —Dante: The Motion Picture’s Kickstarter


To donate to the project, visit their Kickstarter page by December 14, 2014.

Learn more at

“Dante e il cinema” Web Resource

Dante e il cinema is a rich web resource for exploring the enduring presence of the Divine Comedy in film and other visual arts. Created by Giuliana Nuvoli (Università degli Studi di Milano), the website’s references include everything from specific characters and direct citations, to cinematic glimpses into the visionary world suggested by the poem.  The website also includes an extensive bibliography on Dante in the history of film.

Visit the website here (currently available only in Italian).

See also Dante e il cinema‘s Facebook page.

Giuliana-Nuvoli-Dante-CinemaContributed by Giuliana Nuvoli


Gianfranco Casadio, Dante Nel Cinema (1996)

Dante Nel CinemaDante Nel Cinema is a scholarly work by Gianfranco Casadio which investigates Dante’s work’s influence in films.

Click here to view a review of Dante Nel Cinema in the publication Quaderni d’Italianistica.





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