Franz Liszt, “Dante Symphony” (1847-57)

franz-liszt-dante-symphony-1847-1857The Dante Symphony, by Franz Liszt, was written in two movements: Inferno, and Purgatorio – Magnificat. Liszt was told that he shouldn’t attempt to write a movement for Paradiso, as this was a hopeless venture. Nobody can put true heaven into a song.”    –Kevin Williams, January 26, 2008

Contributed by Kevin Williams (Luther College, ’11)

Robert W. Smith, “The Divine Comedy”

robert-w-smith-the-divine-comedy“From the pen of Robert W. Smith has come some of the most impressive writing for contemporary bands and wind ensembles. THE DIVINE COMEDY, a monumental four-movement work, is presented along with other memorable compositions on this compact disc, which features conductor Anthony Maiello and the George Mason University Wind Ensemble. Titles include The Divine Comedy (The Inferno/Purgatorio/Paradiso/The Ascension) * The Tempest * Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual * Twelve Seconds to the Moon and others.”    —Alfred Music