SEVENTEEN, Music Video for “Call Call Call!” (2018)


Citation from Inf. 27.66. Click the image above to access the full music video, released in 2018, on YouTube.

“Dante es mi Alebrije” t-shirt

Dante invoked as an alebrije, which represent guardian spirits in Pixar’s 2017 animated film Coco.

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The 9 Circles of Girls’ Clothing Hell

“Before your teenage daughter sighs, rolls her eyes and tells you she’ll only wear Hollister, you will be in charge of making clothing choices.

“Treasure this time of sartorial lack-of-autonomy, because it is fleeting.

“As the parent of a girl, one of the first decisions you’ll get to make is ‘Do I care whether people think my newborn infant is a boy or a girl or a genderless loaf of bread?’ Welcome to…The First Circle of Hell: Infant Implements of Discomfort.” […]    –Josette Plank, Scary Mommy, January 2017

Dante T-Shirt

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Fashionable Dante

Sancro_inferno_uomo“Lettering originale disegnato a mano dei gironi danteschi, stampato su morbidissimo cotone organico.”    –-SanCrò Firenze

Dante + T-Shirt

“Dante’s 9 Google+ circles.”    –achristoffersen, Redbubble

Contributed by David Israel

Dante Shorts

“Dante Shorts” by BB Dakota, Shopbop

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Contributed by Kati Woodford (Exeter High School)

Dante Sneakers for Kids


(Photo by Liza Dey of Dante’s Inferno Spookhouse, Coney Island, NY)

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Contributed by Virginia Jewiss (Humanities Program, Yale University)