Dan T’s Inferno Hot Sauces

“Dishes from Downunder… and we don’t mean Australia”    —Dan Ts

dan-ts-paradiso-orange-chipotle-sauce dan-ts-inferno-sauce dan-ts-paradiso-raspberry-sauce
“It began as a flicker in the eye of culinary adventurer and graphic designer Dan Taylor when he decided to get serious about a sauce recipe he’d concocted while he was in university. The sauce for chicken wings quickly became a great hit with friends and family. With the dawning knowledge that the recipe was more than just a wing sauce, Dan T’s Inferno Spiced Cayenne Sauce was born.
The name is a saucy play on Dante’s Inferno, the first book of the 13th century poem The Divine Comedy, which describes the poet Dante’s allegoric descent into hell.”    —Dant Ts

Contributed by Sally Ahlquist (Luther College, ’11) and Luisa Burnham (Middlebury College)

Dante Olive Oil


Found at Nemo Collecting (1940s)

Contributed by Laura Chiesa


Dante Olive Oil featured in the Los Angeles Times on September 3, 2014:

Dante Olive Oil

“An employee checks a bottle of Dante olive oil as it travels along the production line at a factory in Montesarchio, Italy. New standards proposed in California would apply only to the largest California olive growers and millers. (Alessia Pierdomenico / Bloomberg)”    —LA Times