​”Air Nostrum Joins Dante’s Effort To Electrify Regional Aviation”


“Regional carrier Air Nostrum has become the second Spanish airline after Volotea to support electric aircraft developer Dante Aeronautical. Dante says the three companies have made a joint presentation to Spain’s transport ministry in a bid to receive financial support from the European Recovery Fund for the development of fully electric regional air transport links in the country. The partners submitted a proposal for a €42 million ($50 million) budget to convert in-service aircraft for 9-19 passengers to ‘100% electric’ operation, Dante says. Noting that electrification of existing aircraft promises to be faster than the ‘long and costly development’ of an all-new design, Dante says certification of the first aircraft is scheduled for 2024, while ‘versions of various aircraft’ are to be become operational by 2026.” [. . .]    –Cirium, FlightGlobal, March 24, 2021.

“Iraq: Dante’s Hell for Animals?”

“Nearby, a brown bear that once roamed the Kurdish mountain reaches from the shadows of a filthy enclosure for a wafer biscuit that a boy holds just out of reach. Meanwhile, in a central cage that seems to double as the zoo’s garbage dump an adult male baboon makes lewd gestures to a group of teenage boys poking him with sticks. This sad place is not the beastly equivalent of Dante’s third hell, but a zoo — and a typical one for captive animals in Iraq.”    –Tracey Shelton, Public Radio International, May 22, 2010

“Climate Scientists’ Road to Hell”

“Limbo: Reserved for those who observe the mess that climate science has become, subservient as it is to politics, and wonder whether redemption and a return to a true science-serving path is ever possible.

[. . .]

“Sixth Circle: Miscreants in the Sixth Circle of Hell should be forced to sit while unable to move or speak and repeatedly watch others being lauded in their place for their work, stolen and used without attribution.”    –Anthony Watts, WUWT, December 27, 2012