Dante, Divine Comédie (EP)


Divine Comédie is the title of an EP released by Dante on July 2, 2018. Digital download available for purchase on TONN Bandcamp.

Listen to Part 2 on TONN Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Sonora Commedia (2009)


Eerie and beautiful wordless pieces.  Mostly experimental electronic, ambient, cinematic, and new classic, but also some drone, techno, alt rock, and metal tracks (the latter few genres especially for Inferno).

The 3 CDs have pieces written for all 100 cantos by 33 different musicians.  Each musician wrote for a given canto number in each canticle– Krell, for example, wrote for Inferno 20, Purgatorio 20, and Paradiso 20. For Inferno 34, however, a group of musicians collaborated.

Full album on Spotify, or available for purchase here.