Matt Hawkins and Darrick Robertson’s Comic “Dante”

“Dante is a new one-shot from writer Matt Hawkins (SYMMETRY, THINK TANK) and Jason Ning and artist Darick Robertson (HAPPY!, Transmetropolitan, TheBoys). It’s a tie-in with came packager Cryptozoic and IP company Strange turn. The story involved an assassin whose trying to go straight but stuff happens.”   –Heidi Macdonald, The Beat: The Blog of Comics Culture, October 18, 2016

“Dante was a family man with a wife and a young daughter—and also a top assassin working for an international crime syndicate. For two decades, he worked hard to keep those two lives separate. Manipulated into thinking he could retire with the syndicate’s blessing, Dante is betrayed. While fighting to save himself, he accidentally kills a young Asian boy—an act which changes him forever. Cursed, and covered with otherworldly tattoos, Dante embarks on a journey to uncover the source of this supernatural affliction, and to save his family.”  [. . .]

Contributed by David Israel