Sirante’s recent graffiti in Rome (2018)

This piece by Sirante is in protest of the Giro d’Italia beginning in Israel. Note Dante and Virgil in the poster, watching today’s Inferno.

Contributed by Virginia Jewiss 

Campo di Marte, Florence (Italy), March 2018

Dante graffiti in Florence

Florence, Italy (near Piazza della Repubblica)
Photographed by Virginia Marchesi, May 25, 2017

Dante at the Roma Termini Train Station (2015)

dante in rome

Dante at the Roma Termini Train Station

Cerberus Spotting (Jamaica Plain, Boston)


Photo credit Alessio Tognetti

A power distribution box in Jamaica Plain, Boston, featuring a painting of Cerberus.

Contributed by Alessio Tognetti

Graffiti in Firenze

Photo by Kavi Montanaro, 2008

Dante Graffiti in Rome


“From the stenciled cutout of Virgil and Dante on the outside of the building (see top photo) to the artful images sprayed on the gallery walls (see above and below), we’re totally taken.”    —Eternally Cool, June 18, 2008 (retrieved on June 22, 2008)

Contributed by Patrick Molloy