John Agard and Satoshi Kitamura, “The Young Inferno” (2008)

john-agard-and-satoshi-kitamura-the-young-inferno-2008“A funky and powerful book. Agard takes Dante’s famous poem about a visit to Hell and reworks it to appeal to today’s youngsters, mingling 21st Century street cred with ancient mythology. Kitamura’s stylized black and white illustrations draw the reader effortlessly in.” [. . .]    —Amazon

Contributed by Virginia Jewiss (Humanities Program, Yale University)

Virginia Jewiss, “Il Viaggio di Dante: Un’avventura Infernale” (2008)

il-viaggio-di-dante-un-avventura-infernale-2008A children’s book.
Text: Virginia Jewiss
Illustrations: Aline Cantono di Ceva
Idea: Christiana Castenetto
Italian version found on IBS.

An English version is also available: “Dante’s Journey: An Infernal Adventure.”

Sandow Birk’s Illustrations of the “Divine Comedy”


“A five year project which involved adapting the text of the entire “Divine Comedy” into contemporary slang and setting the action in contemporary urban America. The project resulted in three, limited edition books, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Each book contained more than 60 original lithographs and was published by Trillium Press in San Francisco.”    —Sandow Birk

See also: Sandow Birk’s film “Dante’s Inferno” (2007)

Sarah Symmons, “John Flaxman and Francisco Goya: Infernos Transcribed”


Read the full article from Burlington Magazine (1971) at JStor.

Contributed by Susan Wegner

Janet Van Fleet, Sculptures for “A Guided Tour of Dante’s Inferno”

janet-van-fleet-inferno-sculptures-ugolino-and-ruggieri   janet-van-fleet-inferno-sculptures-minotaur

“The Inferno of Dante Alighieri,” a rhymed translation by Seth Zimmerman with illustrations by Janet Van Fleet

Learn more at Inferno Dante and see the book on Amazon.

M.W. Kaluta, “Dante’s Inferno Portfolio”

mw-kaluta-dantes-inferno-portfolio“Christopher Enterprises released Michael Kaluta’s Dante’s Inferno portfolio in 1975. It featured 8 full color plates in an illustrated folder and was limited to 2000 signed and numbered copies.”    –Tom, Fantasy Ink, June 10, 2011