Carolina Crown 2015 Show: Inferno

Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps is a World Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps.

“Never has Hell been so captivating and entertaining. ‘Inferno’ took us deep into the world of Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s nine circles of Hell, the circles seen starting near the feet of the corps’ uniform, wrapping up the leg, continuing on the hat, and ending in the feather that points upward to Heaven. Images printed on the color guard’s flags were copies of original Divine Comedy illustrations by French artist Gustave Doré. It was a helluva good time for all, sinful in its rapturous delight.”

The Carolina Crown Corps made it to 2nd place in the Drum Corps International 2015 Finals.

Watch the Corps’s preview show below:

Watch a snippet of the Corps’s final show below:

Arhaus’s “Dante” Collection

dante-sofa-2“With its ultra-chic, retro spirit, Dante makes a bold statement in any space. Taking a cue from Mid-Century Modern pieces, this elegantly angular silhouette evokes an almost architectural feel with simple yet sophisticated details such as its solid wood base and tapered legs. The base is accentuated by antique brass nailheads. With generous proportions, this distinctive collection delivers a smart, stylish look while ensuring exceptional comfort and support.”    —Arhaus

Hell Bar, Chapel Hill, NC


Entrance to Hell,
Photo by Sara Washington

Contributed by Sara Washington