Jovanotti, “Serenata Rap” (1994)

Serenata RapItalian singer-songwriter Lorenzo “Jovanotti” Cherubini‘s 1994 song “Serenata Rap” contains a famous line from Inferno V: “Amor ch’a nullo amato amar perdona”.


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Paolo and Francesca Bears

paolo-and-francesca-bears“Paolo looks handsome and energetic in a green knitted jumper, with his named embroidered across the front. Francesca looks ‘bella’ in her red knitted jumper, and is delighted that her name is clearly embroidered on the front. Both bears are a wonderful support in the classroom. They bring a real Italian flavour and excitement into school and really adore being with the children.”    —Golden Daffodils

Sante Maurizi, “Paolo e Francesca” (2000-2001)


“Paolo e Francesca” is a journey through the different ways in which the story told by Dante in Inferno V has be represented in visual art, theater, poetry, etc.

See La Botta e il Cilindro for information on the play and a wonderful collection of illustrations of the Paolo and Francesca scene from Inf. V.