Leo Ortolani, “Rat-Man” Comic Strip


One of several Dante-related panels from Italian cartoonist Leo Ortolani’s comic strip following the adventures of Rat-Man. Contributor Chiara Montera calls Rat-Man “a ridiculous parody of a Marvel super hero.” For more, see the Facebook page Le Migliori Frasi di Rat-Man.

Contributed by Chiara Montera (University of Pittsburgh, 2017)

“L’Inferno di Paperino” (1987)

Much like his Disney companion Topolino (Mickey Mouse), Paperino (Donald Duck) also finds himself on a tour through the Inferno. Written by Giulio Chierchini and Massimo Marconi, with artwork by Giulio Chierchini. Published in Italy on August 9, 1987.

Inferno-di-Paperino-Disney-TopolinoSee the full cycle of the Adventures of Paperino and his pals here.

Contributed by Chiara Montera (University of Pittsburgh)



“Let it Go,” Dante’s Inferno Version (2014)

Let it Go

As part of a short film, “Chauncy Cobra and the Writing on the Wall,” students wrote and performed a parody of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen. In the song, Dante laments his time spent in Hell, begging Beatrice, “Let me go!”

Watch the music video here.


Contributed by Mary Margaret Blum (Gettysburg College, ’18)