Nine Circles of Hella-Peño

“Long, long ago, we promised ourselves that if Jack in the Box ever launched a new Munchie Meal featuring a Hella-Peño Burger, we’d make Ms. Morrow proud (she was, after all, Taft Union High School’s finest 11th-grade English teacher). Have we lost our minds? Probably, but the result is one of the greatest things in the history of things.

With no further delay, feast your eyes on (reverb voice) The 9 Circles of Hella-Peño!” –Robyn Reynolds for Struck on Behance, August 28, 2015.

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Trattoria La Divina Comedia, Bogota, Colombia

Trattoria-La-Divina-Comedia-Dante-Portrait“Trajo de su Italia Natal, los secretos más ricos de la cocina italiana. Esos que aprendió de su madre y de su propia nonna, y ya sabemos como son las mujeres italianas además de apasionadas, unas cocineras increíbles, de eso no hay duda. A mi me encantaba ver a la nonna cocinar, disfrutaba con esa forma tan particular de amasar, la dedicación con la que preparaba las salsas y seleccionaba cada ingrediente.
Yo la acompañaba a hacer las compras y la observaba elegir las verduras más frescas y los condimentos más sabrosos. Sabia que cada detalle era el más importante. Para la nonna sentarse en la mesa era el mejor momento del día y eso se notaba en la forma en la que preparaba cada plato. Este es su cuaderno de recetas con sus mejores secretos y sus mejores sabores. Esos que enseño a su hijo Giuseppe y el a su vez me enseño a mi, hagamos de cuenta que la nonna nos llama a comer desde la cocina y sentémonos a su mesa a disfrutar sus platos, vale la pena.” — Sergio Martin, Trattoria La Divina Comedia



Portrait of Dante, Fishing Lab alle Murate, Florence


“Uno spensierato museo.

“FISHING LAB Alle Murate rappresenta il risultato di una ricerca di mesi grazie alla quale abbiamo raggiunto una location unica: il palazzo che dal 1200 a metà del 1500 ha ospitato ‘L’Arte dei Giudici e dei Notai’.

vero_volto_dante“La particolarità è data dal fatto che al giorno d’oggi questo luogo rappresenta un museo, recentemente salito alle cronache per l’uscita di un trattato riguardante il prezioso ciclo di affreschi con il più antico ritratto documentato di Dante Alighieri, sopratutto L’autentico, dato che il poeta non è raffigurato con naso aquilino e fronte accigliata, come risulta dall’iconografia tradizionale.” — Fishing Lab website

Contributed by Jordyn Modelevsky (University of Pittsburgh ’18)

Dante’s Fire, Tuscon, Arizona


Contributed by Fabian Alfie

Dante: Restaurant-Bar and Ice Cube


[…] “Preserved in ice. Gaze down at the huge ice cube floating in your old-fashioned at Dante, the Italian-style aperitif bar in Greenwich Village, and you’ll have no doubt about where you’re drinking. Cut into the side of the frozen block is the bar’s poetic name.” […]   –Robert Simonson, New York Times, May 15, 2015

Dante: 79-81 Macdougal Street, NY, NY 10012


Dante’s Table, Castro, San Francisco

Dantes-Table-SF-Restaurant“[Owner Francesco] D’Ippolito is a fan of Italian poetry, especially Dante’s three-part Divine Comedy, which is why he named his first restaurant Poesia. For Dante’s Table, he hired muralist John Baden […] to do bold and colorful, Dante-inspired works for the walls of the restaurant. The main dining represents Dante’s seminal epic poem, Inferno, with the hallway leading to the rear being Purgatorio, and the back dining room and patio being Paradiso. (D’Ippolito will be making the rear area and the garden patio available for private events.) For now, as the patio gets renovated, they have a tarp up that reads ‘Paradise is Coming…’.” — Jay Barmann, “First Look at Dante’s Table, Now Open in the Castro,” Grubstreet (April 25, 2013)

Dante’s Weird Fish, San Francisco

Dantes-Weird-Fish-Menu-logo-SF“Established in 2006, Weird Fish made its mark as a neighborhood favorite serving up Pescatarian meals morning, noon & night. A vast army of darkness [hungry vegans] descended upon this tiny outpost nestled neatly behind everyone’s favorite 18th & Mission bus stop and feasted on mouth watering & artery clogging vegan dishes. […] After leaving in 2009, original creator and owner, Peter Hood (Boogaloos, St. Francis Fountain, Crossroads Café in Joshua Tree), returned to take back the reigns of Weird Fish in March of 2012. Adding the moniker, ‘Dante’s’ to Weird Fish, an homage to the 9 levels of Hell of business divorce, Hood continues to promote sustainable seafood, organic produce from local farms, and California brewers and wine makers in a cozy ‘Devil may care’ environment. Dante’s Weird Fish prides itself in serving food that is bad for you, but good for the environment. So, pull up a chair and take one for the team!”



Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum’s Café G

cafe-g-isabella-stuart-gardner-museumAn introductory note on the menu of the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum’s Café G:

“Isabella Stuart Gardner’s love for the medieval extended to literature as well as to art, and she was particularly devoted to the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321). Gardner was a member of the Dante Society and collected several rare copies of the Divine Comedy, including a manuscript of the poem written within a century of the author’s death. She stored these precious books alongside a death mask of the poet in the ‘Dante Case’ in the museum’s Long Gallery. [. . .] We hope you enjoy this special menu, inspired by Inferno. It features fiery hot peppers in a variety of different forms.”    —Café G Menu (click to see full menu)

Contributed by Nancy Vickers

Eataly’s Birreria, New York

eataly birreria.jpg

“You’ll actually have one more story to climb once you arrive in the elevator lobby, where you can take a tri-level stairway adorned with some very fitting text from the three parts of Dante’s Divine Comedy. The first staircase is from Inferno (Hell), the second from Puragtorio (Purgatory), and the final from Paradiso (Heaven).” []    —Brew York, May 25, 2011

Divina Comedia Restaurant, Peru


Contributed by Donatella Stocchi Perucchio