Fritz Lang, “Metropolis” (1927)

fritz-lang-metropolis-1927“At about 80-90 minutes into the film, the Seven Deadly Sins with Death are presented as statues in a church. Death is playing a bone as if it were a flute, and the statues of the Seven Deadly Sins come to life.”    –Ian Eternick

Contributed by Ian Eternick (Luther College, ’11)

Sin-O-Mints: “For the Sinner in You”


Found at: Santosha (retrieved on September 15, 2006)
See also: Philosopher’s Guild (retrieved on June 7, 2013)

“Report: 92 Percent Of Souls In Hell There On Drug Charges”

report-92-percent-of-souls-in-hell-there-on-drug-charges“HELL. A report released Monday by the Afterlife Civil Liberties Union indicates that nine out of 10 souls currently serving in Hell were condemned on drug-related sins. ‘Hell was created to keep dangerous sinners off the gold-paved streets of Heaven,’ ACLU spokesman Barry Horowitz said. ‘But lately, it’s become a clearing-house for the non-evil souls that Heaven doesn’t know how to deal with.'”    —The Onion, October 12, 2005