How I Met Your Mother S05E22 (2010)

how-i-met-your-mother-s05e22-dante-ulyssesIn Season 5, Episode 22, the main character Ted wants to add a little class and sophistication to his group of friends, so he starts quoting poetry:

Ted: “Guys, come on, I’m just trying to add a little class to these proceedings.  It’s like that line from Dante’s Inferno…”

Marshall: [pbbbt]

Ted: “Consider your origins; you were not born to live like brutes…”

Lily: [pbbbt]

Ted: “…but to follow virtue and knowledge…”

Barney: [pbbbt]

Ted: “…Or, in the original Italian…”

Friends, groaning: “Nooooo…”

Ted: “…Considerate la vostra semenza…”

Friends: [pbbbbbbbbbbt]

Contributed by Christine Khachiev