Sergio Ucedo’s #Dante2018 Artwork

Sergio Ucedo is an Argentine illustrator and graffiti artist. Ucedo created a number of striking art pieces during the #Dante2018 social media movement, such as the above piece promoting the hashtag. Ucedo also created the artwork below, which was featured in an article about #Dante2018 on Perfil.

To check out more of Ucedo’s artwork, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and also visit his blog.

You can read the Perfil article that featured Ucedo’s artwork here.

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Contributed by Pablo Maurette (Florida State University)

Dante in Ravenna


Contributed by Simone Marchesi

Blub, “L’arte sa nuotare” (2015)


A recent street art project in Florence, called “L’arte sa nuotare”, or “Art Knows How to Swim”, features iconic figures wearing scuba masks. Among images like the Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s David is a portrait of Dante. The works are by street artist “Blub.”

Contributed by Simone Marchesi