Dante receives his COVID-19 vaccine

Posted to Instagram by La Repubblica and L’Espresso Settimanale illustrator Mauro Biani (@maurobia) on Dantedì (March 25) 2021. The image was also shared on La Repubblica.

Contributed by Carmelo Galati (Temple University)

Five Circles of Baffling Webcomic Hell

“A recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that 86 percent of all webcomic artists are, quote, “clownshit insane.” Not that I’m criticizing; I wrote a horror novel about dongs, I’m not going to throw stones from that glass house. But man, there is something about webcomics as a medium that really drives people to reach their craziest potential.

“In our exhaustive analysis in the forums we found that all of the mind-blowingly insane webcomics fit neatly into five categories, which we have arranged in order of most innocuous to the very nightmares of the Devil himself. So hang onto your sanity good and tight as we tour these five circles of webcomic hell, beginning with Level 5, where we find…” — Nick Coffin, Cracked, August 10, 2009

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Nine Circles of Hell for Whiteys in South Africa Comic


The Nine Circles of Hell for Whiteys in South Africa” is a comic posted by Alastair Laird, commenting on the different levels of racism for white people in South Africa. The comic is full of South African slang that may be difficult to understand for someone outside of that culture, but a few searches on the internet can help a reader decipher the words.

This comic was posted on Mahala, “a free South African music, culture and reality magazine that strives to report and represent what’s really happening along the fault line and in the trenches of South African culture. Mahala is home to challenging and incisive political and social commentary and strong, fearless opinions. We promote freedom of thought and expression. We’re available online, on your mobile and in print. We’ll always be free, gratis and Mahala. Because you deserve quality information, opinion and entertainment for free! Thought is free!” — cited from Mahala’s About page

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Nuggets’ Ninth Circle of Hell


Posted on the blog Ink & Snow (December 21, 2012).

Abridged Classics: Dante’s Inferno



Comic by John Atkinson. Posted on upworthy.com.

Contributed by Pamela Montanaro


Dante II, Ritorno all’Inferno, Fratelli Mattioli

Fratelli-Mattioli-Dante-II-Ritorno-all'Inferno“Dio gli ha dato una missione:
Uccidere Lucifero.

Dio gli ha dato le armi
per uccidere le forze del male.

Una sola cosa Dio non gli ha dato…
LA PAZIENZA!” —Fratelli Mattioli

PhD Comics, Dante’s Inferno (Academic Edition)



Contributed by Natalie L. Berkman

Buzzfeed’s 23 Circles of Hell That Should Exist for the Modern Age

Buzzfeed has created a list of the “23 Circles of Hell That Should Exist for the Modern Age.” After Dante’s first nine circles, Adam Ellis has come up with thirteen more from the tenth circle (people who talk at the theater) to the twenty-third (Justin Bieber’s tattoo artist). See the complete list on Buzzfeed.

Contributed by Humberto González Chávez