Digital Data to Perserve and Recreate Lost Art

Factum Arte, based in Madrid, London, and Milan, consists of a team of artists, technicians, and conservators dedicated to digital preservation and recreation of lost art.

3D scanning of Paolina Borghese using NUB 3D SIDIO Scanner, Galleria Borghese, Rome, April 2013

Factum Arte’s approach to technology includes buying what they need for specific tasks and designing and fabricating the needed technology when it doesn’t exist. They write software and design operating systems to handle information. They currently use 3D scanning for cultural heritage conservation, photogrammetry, casting, recordings in two and three dimensions, multilayered files and conservation, and new technologies in print making.

Factum Arte’s successful innovations have had a strong influence on conservation methods and are redefining the role facsimiles play in the protection of cultural heritage. The Digital Information that is recorded has been used for documentation, monitoring and the production of 2D and 3D facsimiles which retain the surface complexity and characteristics of the original.

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