Mellon Digital Humanities Teaching Fellowships for Bowdoin Faculty

Thanks to generous funding from the Mellon Humanities Initiative, the Digital Humanities Course Cluster and Digital and Computational Studies are pleased to accept applications for fellowships to support travel to a workshop for training in an aspect of DH that will lead to integration of the method into a course or course unit. The expectation is that the course will be taught within one year of return from the DH workshop. The fellowship will cover airfare, lodging, registration, and a modest meal stipend. Digital and Computational Studies will facilitate training for a student TA and Mellon will support that student during the summer (up to 8 weeks).

Proposals should address the following topics:

  • Course outcomes. How will your participation in the workshop result in the development of a new course or the revision of an existing course that incorporates the teaching of an aspect of digital humanities methods?
  • Support needs before, during, and after the workshop. What is your level of comfort with the technology you want to adopt? Are there Academic Technology staff who are specialists on campus? If not, how will questions about the technology be addressed? What will be the role of the student TA during the summer? What support can you imagine needing when you teach the course?
  • Choice of workshop. How will this workshop help to address the needs identified above?

Proposals should be single-spaced, 12-pt. font, using 1” margins, no more than 2 pages long. Preference will be given to proposals submitted by March 15, with notification by March 24. They will be accepted on a rolling basis after March 15. We hope to fund at least 2 fellowships. Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • the clarity of the connection to an existing or planned course that has a regular offering cycle (pending a successful outcome)
  • the incorporation of digital or computational methods (or critique of them) in an otherwise qualitative course

Possible workshops include:

Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), University of Victoria, June 2017 (rolling registration)

Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHxOSS), Oxford University, July 2017 (use 2016 pricing)

Humanities Intensive Learning & Teaching (HILT), locations vary, typically June (registration in February)

Updated locations, dates, and schedules posted on February 25:

Other opportunities are posted on the DCS blog:

Please submit the proposal and a separate budget that includes the costs of attending the training session and any anticipated supplies or software needs. Send all proposals to Eric Chown ( Eric and Crystal Hall ( will be happy to talk about any of these opportunities or your DH ideas; please reach out!