At the Suzhou Expo: Day 1 – Setup

Our day in redux because I am very tired:
We woke this morning at 5:30, got some delicious dumplings and sweet purple sticky rice for breakfast. Took the shuttle to the Venue (20 minutes or so away), our big robot cases just barely fit.
Check-in was a bit of waiting in line, but we got it squared away quickly, and got upstairs to claim our tables. We quickly setup are mobile lab and got developing – Tucker and Henry and Andrew on the Aibo – Elise, Nick working on color tables / picture taking / vision, Jeremy working on Nao systems, and Jack and I on behaviors / Nao vision.

First thing in the morning we got Aldebaran to flash our PSOC camera controllers in hopes of getting a better handle on the camera driver, but to no avail. Instead our robots kernel panicked on boot, and we we unable to use the Naos until very late in the day.

Aibos doing well – orange and yellow are very close, and lots of bars in the images from the frequency of the lights. Otherwise, fields well lit. Internet is very spotty/ non -existent, so we setup our own svn server at the venue.

Naos have a walk that is working, and tomorrow we will get to try a reverted version of our camera parameters, see if we can chase a ball.

Look for a podcast soon.

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