Bits and Bytes

We just watched a great semi-final match between perennial powerhouses B-Human and Nao-Team HTWK (won by B-Human 2-1). One notable thing about the game was that it was refereed by the two Dans – Zeller and Navarro. Refs are scored after each game at RoboCup and we had the second highest scores of any team. This means that the two Dans will almost certainly be assistant referees during the finals tomorrow.

In other news RoboCup will be in Leipzig next year, Nagano, Japan in 2017, and Sydney, Australia in 2019. No word yet on where it will be in 2018. The RoboCup Trustees have asked each league to submit a proposal for a demo or exhibition on playing outdoors next year. Our league is going to submit a proposal to have a mini-league that would play either outside or in the atrium (glass roof) at the exhibition center in Leipzig. Our team has already volunteered to participate if that happens. Among the rule changes expected for next year are: allowing teams to wear any jerseys they like (no color restrictions), and using a real soccer ball, probably a class 1 ball.