Day 1


After approximately 11 hours of time spent traveling to airports, waiting in airports, flying, being stranded due to a lightning storm, etc., we finally made it to Atlanta by around 2 or 3. We also met up with Jeremy at the Atlanta airport, rounding out our total roster to 8.

The hotel we are staying in is absolutely stunning. I’ll include a few pictures so you can see what I’m talking about.
hotel lobby looking up
hotel lobby

We got to the event this morning by around noon and have been working to get things ready for the first matches on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the lights are still being set up as I type this so there’s not too much we can test until that’s finished.

The field material is much different than that of our lab (it has much less friction so the ball rolls farther) and is a different color, so it will take a lot of work in the next day or two to put our team back into fighting shape.

As Henry would say, Northern Bites, ROLL!

getting right to work

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