Leg Logos

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logo2.jpg, originally uploaded by northern_bites.

We should get Logo Stickers for the dogs if for no other reason except that they look ridiculously cool. This example is not the greatest (the rUNSWift and the GermanTeam had wayy cooler ones).

So here’s the question, how the heck do we get these made, and what should we put on them?

I’m thinking either the traditional ‘Bowdoin’ font-ed name, or the nBites logo minus the text, or even the Bowdoin sun seal. And remember, if anyone out there wants to pay us an extravagant sum to get their logo on our aibos, feel free to contact us.

UPDATE:: Oh, and here is the official regulations concerning these ads:

Teams may add a black and white logo to the upper part of the leg. This logo must be at least 50% white by area.

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