NBites 1 – UPenn 4

So we had some better wireless today. We found that we seem to randomly drop wireless and take 30 seconds to reconnect. So with wireless more or less working, we managed to scrum with Penn enough to hold them back somewhat. And we scored a goal; that was good. Our goalie almost made a great save as well: the ball was heading right to it’s feet so naturally it decided to try to save it and squatted, but the ball passed right under it before it got low enough. We had some interesting refereeing and issues with them messing with our robots, but all in all it was a pretty good game. Hopefully we will win the other two games in our pool tomorrow and advance to the quarterfinals, but regardless we are in the top 16 for the 7th year in a row.


In other news, we participated in the unofficial league race after only one team showed up. We felt bad so we gave them some competition. Our robot started walking, but decided it was unstable and stopped 2 steps in. We were only about 50cm behind them when the race finished (pretty good for not stretching first).

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