NBites in the finals

Sorry for a lack of updates yesterday.

Due to a problem in their code, Brown did not have a team ready to play a normal match. We instead played against their Wii remote controlled dogs for fun and to entertain the crowd.

We then played against CMU and eventually won 5-2. It was very nail-biting as we had a couple very near goals on our goalie (You’ll see what I mean once the video is uploaded).

As I write this CMU is playing Brooklyn College to decide 3rd and 4th place. CMU is currently ahead 3-0 at the half. We are scheduled to play against AustinVilla at 12 noon to decide first and second place.

We want to express our gratitude to CMU for the excellent accommodations here at the venue; the science center is great fun to explore during down time and we have been treated to many fine meals while here.

fallen nao
You cannot tell from the picture but the Nao the man is holding had just fallen over and his head literally popped off the body. This occurred during a demonstration of the Nao’s walking capabilities; it is going to be a hard long road of development to get the Naos to perform as well as the Aibos do now, but we’re looking forward to the challenge

The Aibo had a bit too much fun

This Aibo partied a bit too hard after the match vs. CMU.

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