New Brain Class

Tonight Henry and I created a new brain class, so it is no longer essentially just an arm of our Vision class. Also, now when a scripted motion ceases, the queue is cleared in such a way that the head stays where it last was (so when you decide to pan the head looking for the ball, you can easily have the head stop and stay there). Plus, the vision module is now receiving up-to-date joint angles from the motion system, which will be useful to the brain.

We also listened to Monzy.

We were in the lab on a Friday night… woot.

2 thoughts on “New Brain Class

  1. hwork

    Got the static variables working for the Ball class, but for the FieldObjects class it’ll be more tricky.

    Now I’m currently working on switching the current model of sending strings and floats over to defined constants (ints) for most of the message passing. Learning a lot about I-O communication.

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