Northern Bites beat Nao Devils 2-0

In our first match in the second round of pool play, we beat the Dortmund Nao Devils 2-0 in an exciting match. The Nao Devils were the first team we’ve played that had a moving goalie, and players which were quick to the ball. As I mentioned before, the Nao Devils have the fastest walk in the league, clocking in at 25 cm/s. Our walk currently maxes out at 10 cm/s. Despite this speed differential, our robots superior ball handling in close quarters and some goalie troubles on the opponent team lead us to score one goal in each half. In all, we had at least four really good chances to score, but narrowly pushed the ball out twice.

Tomorrow, we will play two as of yet unknown teams at 10:55 and 13:55 local time. Our opponents will be determined in penalty kicks tonight, as both their deciding intermediate rounds ended in 0-0 ties.

6 thoughts on “Northern Bites beat Nao Devils 2-0

  1. Jeremy Fishman

    Awesome work guys. How does the competition look? I see Nubots are up there, and B-Humans scored a ridiculous # of goals in the first round.

  2. Nick

    I’m very impressed. I was happy to hear they had scored one goal, let alone 6 (total)

    Also. You need to appoint a new media b**** since I’m not there.

  3. Joho Post author

    Thanks for the support guys! We have a video encoded of our match against the Nao Devils (unedited, in the absence of Nick Dunn), which I will post as soon as I get to the venue. The video is 800 MB, and the connection from the hotel is too slow.

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