Northern Bites Qualifies for World Championships!!

flickr: northern_bites / photo: robocup2006.

We’re going to Germany!!!

UPDATE:: Here’s a list of teams that qualified. Over 39 35 teams applied, twelve of which were guaranteed qualification from last year’s performance!

UPDATE x2:: Lots of Chatter going on in the four-legged league mailing list including a message sent by the head honcho of the league concerning the qualification process: Legged Qualification FAQ.

UPDATE x3:: 35 Teams applied. 12 Prequalified. 11 were let in by committee. Northern Bites is only one of three teams selected as first-year applicants to the World Championship!

1 thought on “Northern Bites Qualifies for World Championships!!

  1. Matt

    If you’re ever in a situation when you need to impress, just say your team is going to Germany for the “cup” this summer. If they say “Oh really you’re going to the World Cup???” you laugh triumphantly and say “Nay……… nay, my lady. We hear a higher calling. We go for robots!”

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