People Progress

It occured to me that we haven’t been blogging so well about how things are going for the Northern Bites 2007 team. Well, things are going great.

I, Henry Work, have returned after graduation from Bowdoin, and thanks to some significant donations to the team, am working full time being the Team Captain yet again. This means 40+ hours of sweet robot work per week. I have the potential to get a lot done.

Returning members are twice as wise as last year (not being Freshmen) and are putting in significant time as an extracurricular activity. George Slavov, Joho Strom, and Jeremy Fishman are all now sophomores and doing fine jobs working on various areas of RoboCup.

Additions to the team have proved their worth already with little time spent in a learning curve thanks to the programming experience and overall nerd suave they bring to the table. Mark McGranaghan and Eric Loss are work on localization and vision, respectively. I have already seen (but still expect more) great things from them.

So, that’s the people progress update. There will be more actual programming updates in the future.

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